A project in the village of « Tolar Grande » – an abandoned station of the ancient “Tren de los Nubes” in the northwest of the province of Salta, Argentina

The Swiss Sherpa foundation organizes and finances the education of local young people in English, marketing and computer knowledge beginning from July 2017. The first three young girls between 18 – 20 years have finished their education in December 2017. The three girls have already met a first milestone by preparing the local event “Macon 2017” (“Ascenso a la Montaña Sagrada Macon 5611 mts.” Each of them has a certain task within the organisation of this annual event in Tolar Grande.

In May 2018 we have selected three young boys from San Antonio de los Cobres, who will visit school in Salta for 6 months, followed by a practicum in the base camp of Aconcagua in Argentina.