The Sherpa wine

Sherpa – a wine that connects people

The “Sherpa wine” tells the story of a particular Everest expedition. It is dedicated to the Sherpas of the Himalayas who accompany mountaineers to the roof of the world.

The Swiss Sherpa Foundation is financed with one Swiss franc per bottle of the sales proceeds.

The Buddhist prayer flags play an important role in the life of the Sherpas and are found on nearly every mountain pass and summit in their home country. They flutter in the wind and transport the prayers (Mantras) and wishes to the sky.
Domaines Chervaliers has created a specific prayer flag for the wine etiquette of the Sherpa wine. In the four corner pictures there are recorded four impressive encounters from Patrick Z’Brun with the Sherpas which strongly impressed him and earn his gratitude.


Order Sherpa Rouge

Order Sherpa Rouge

Sherpa Rouge

The «Sherpa Rouge» is a red blend of Pinot Noir and Humagne Rouge. The Pinot grape  lends him strength and robustness. The alpine type of grape Humagne Rouge with its soft tannins produces its fruity bouquet and lends the wine its character. The result is an expressive and harmonious wine.

Grape     Pinot Noir – Humagne Rouge
Fermentation      Steel tank
Alcohol   ca. 13.0% Vol.
Total acidity ca. 4.3 g/l
Storage   3 to 7 yeaers
Service temperature 13°C to 15°C

Order Sherpa Blanc

Order Sherpa Blanc

Sherpa Blanc

The „Sherpa Blanc“ is a blend of Heida, Blanc de Pinot Noir and Chasselas. The alpine Heida grape with its citrus fragrances lends the wine a lively freshness. The Blanc de Pinot Noir and der Chasselas complete this blend full of character with a fruity bouquet.

Grape: Heida, Blanc de Pinot Noir, Chasselas
Fermantation:  Steel tank on yeast, partly biological acid dismantling
Alcohol: ca. 13.5% Vol.
Total acidity:
ca. 5.6 g/l
Order Sherpa Blanc

Order Sherpa Blanc

Sherpa Rosé

The „Sherpa Rosé“ is a blend of Gamay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cornalin.

The Sherpa Rosé has a white label. White stays for the element air, which is synonymous to freshness, easiness and lust for life.

Grape: Gamay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cornalin
Fermantation:  6 months in concrete tank
Alcohol: ca. 13.5% Vol.