A project to more autonomy

With the help of the Sherpas, Patrick Z’Brun climbed Mount Everest as a member of a Swiss expedition on May 21, 2008.

Already during his expedition he decided to support the Sherpas on their rocky way to more autonomy and that was the corner stone for the Swiss Sherpa Foundation. The Swiss Sherpa Foundation supports Sherpas and other mountain people to facilitate a sustainable independance. Being a certified mountain guide himself, Patrick Z’Brun wants to enable them an education as an international certified mountain guide to be able to profit with a sustainable effect in future expeditions and trekkings.

A first project was launched in collaboration with the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA), which in 2012 lead to the foundation of the National Nepal Mountain Guide Association. A second project was to train Sperpas to become Emergency Specialists.

As the owner of a traditional winery “Vins des Chevaliers” and affected by his experiences with the Sherpas, Patrick Z’Brun has launched the Sherpa wines to finance the Swiss Sherpa Foundation.