Avalanche Training with ISTA-Certification

Avalanche training for Sherpas is very important to improve the knowledge of the Sherpas to judge the local avalanche situation and thus to reduce accidents with avalanches in the Himalaya.

In March 2017 we started with a one day course for Sherpas to get an introduction to the basics of avalanche training.
In January 2018 we organized an other introduction course in Kathmandu followed by 3 days of practical training in a hut in the mountains for the sherpas who had visited the introduction course in 2017.

  • Introduction of the Swiss Sherpa Foundation and its mission and with that the invitaiton to the Sherpas to provide ideas for new projects
  • During a one day course, the participants acquire fundamental skills and basic knowledge required to carry out the risk management process, implement rescue procedures and use rescue equipment.
  • After finalizing a test (Multiple-Choice) each participant got an „ISTA-Certificate“ including a registration number with ISTA.
  • At the end of the day the participants receive an ISTA-Booklet (International Snow Training Academy), which describes the avalanche emergency procedure.
  • Practical training in the Himalaya region in Nepal.