Amin Brakk Public School, Kandey (Pakistan) – 2017-2019

Amin Brakk Public School, Kandey

At the end of our education project for the high porters in the Hushe valley, we also visited a public school in Kandey, which was built in 2006. In this school girls and boys are treated equally and they all receive the same school education which will enable them the admission to colleges and universities. There are currently 130 children in the age between 6 and 12 years. Four female teachers and one male teacher are responsible for the classes.

The equalization of girls and boys is not yet normal in Pakistan – particularly in remote areas, girls often are not allowed to attend school.

The Swiss Sherpa foundation will come up for half of the teachers annual salaries for the next 53 years to guarantee the continuity of this school.

Our 2nd visit in August 2018 showed us how much the children’s education has improved. A lot of the children spoke to us in English. They could also afford new school books, which makes the teaching more efficient.